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Ad Hoc Translations is a division of Eurotransnet Ltd, a leading translation company in Scotland. Eurotransnet has been in business for 20 years and during that period has gained a reputation for quality translations, delivered on time at competitive prices. Naturally, all companies say this so in order to prove it we invite you to request a quote from us and we will provide a sample translation of the text to be translated to enable you to check its quality.

Over the past few years Eurotransnet has developed an in-house capability to provide translations of financial, legal and business reports from European, Asian and Arabic languages into English. Due to the success of this service, it has decided to set up a separate division to focus entirely on these subjects trading under the name of Ad Hoc Translations. This division will be run by a chartered accountant who has had many years international experience in finance and accounting, economics, banking, mergers & acquisitions, business plans, prospectuses, investments and financial instruments. He will be backed up by a team of legal and financial specialists in these and other areas of law and finance who will proofread the translated documents.

Most translation companies arrange for translations to be carried out by linguists who have specialist knowledge and experience in translating the subject matter of the source language. Where the translation is for publication they will have it proofread by a second linguist who also has specialist knowledge and experience of the subject matter.

However, in both cases the translator and proofreader are linguists first and specialists second and their range of specialisation is frequently quite wide. In our experience this can have the result that the translator and proofreader do not always use the correct terminology.

At Ad Hoc Translations, we believe that such errors will be caught by the use of proofreaders who are members of the financial or legal professions who will work with our translators to ensure the correct use of terminology and the overall high quality of the translation.

We also believe that the narrower the range of specialisation, the greater will be the quality of the final translation. To this end we translate only into English and have available to us, specialists who have many years direct experience in all aspects of finance, law, banking, and insurance.

Transcription services are also available if required.

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