Ad Hoc Translations operates in compliance with the British and European translation standard BS EN 15038.  This standard focuses on:
  • • Human resources.
  • Human resource management
  • • Professional competence
  • • Technical resources
  • • Quality management systems
  • • Project management

On Human resources, we have over 1,000 professionally qualified translators and proofreaders available to translate legal, financial and business documents from European, Asian and Arabic languages into English.  We also have personnel available for DTP and transcription services.

On Human resource management, our project managers are linguists in at least two foreign languages and receive full training in accordance with the Company’s operating procedures and quality standards.  Management has 20 years experience in managing the current business entity.

On Professional competence, our translators are all professionally qualified, will only translate into their mother tongue, have in depth knowledge of the subject matter to be translated and will have had a minimum of three years experience in translating financial or legal documents in their specialist subjects.

Our proofreaders are legal and financial specialists in their field with many years direct experience in working in the legal and financial professions.

Our DTP personnel are fully trained in the latest versions of Quark Express, InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop and operate in both Apple Mac and Windows PC environments.

Our Technical resources comprise the latest hardware and software on PC and Mac platforms, high speed communications with full security and anti-virus software.  Secure storage facilities are available both on-site and off-site.

Our Quality management systems cover all steps of the translation process from pre-assignment, through initiating and completing the translation process to post-assignment follow-up with the client. 

The key to success is the selection, by our project managers, of the translators and proofreaders who will be responsible for the completed translation.  Proofreading encompasses not only reviewing translations for correct interpretation of the subject matter and the correct use of terminology, but also routine checking for omissions, punctuation, numerical accuracy and layout.

On Project management, it is our practice to allocate each project to one particular project manager (“PM”) who will handle and control all aspects of a project from start to finish.  The PM will communicate with our client to determine their needs and deadlines, analyse the material to be translated, communicate with our translators, proofreaders and DTP personnel, to ensure their availability to meet the deadlines and prepare a quote for submission to our client.

On receipt of the purchase order the PM will obtain binding delivery commitments from all of the personnel allocated to the project and continuously monitor their progress.  On receipt of the translated material they will make routine checks mentioned in the previous paragraph.

After proofreading and layout work is complete the PM will run a final check prior to delivery to the client.

After delivery, the PM will check with the client to ensure that our service and the translation was to their satisfaction.

Finally, Ad Hoc Translations, as a division of Eurotransnet, is a member of the Association of Translation Companies and the American Translation Association.  Members of the ATC and the ATA are carefully vetted before admission into membership, adhere to a strict code of professional conduct, are subject to the rulings of a professional ethics committee and carry full professional indemnity insurance cover to safeguard the interests of our clients.

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